In-person services begin May 24th!

We are excited to be able to worship together as a church, though service may look a little different than it has previously. Most of the changes have been made to better limit points of contact throughout the service, those changes are deatiled below. Please also refer to the Governor's guidance document for recommendations for church attendees.  

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Due to the recommended guidelines, we will not have a kids' program service. Instead, the kids' program will join us in the auditorium, and we will worship together. Also, we will have activity packets and individual packs of crayons for children to use during the service.

We will not be passing the offering baskets around like we normally would during serivce. We would encourage you to continue giving online, through the church mobile app or through the website. There will be a table set up in the back of the auditorium to complete in-person giving (with giving envelopes and pens) if you still desire to give in person. Please take the pen that you use with you. 

At the end of service, we will not have hands-on prayer as we usually do. Instead, we will worship with a final song.

Normally we have coffee and donuts available for those that would like them. These are usually self-serve and due to guidelines will not be available Sunday morning. Instead, please bring your own coffee or water bottle to service. A drinking fountain is available to refill your water bottle. 

We recommend downloading the Rock River mobile app, it will contain all of the information normally in the program as well as teaching notes. We will also place programs on seats before service starts, if you'd like a paper copy. 

Please refer to the Texas Governor's Office guidance for detailed information on interaction with people. Masks are encouraged, but not required. We will spaces seats out appropriately to allow for safe distancing to be accomplished while seated in the auditorium. We also ask that if you are at risk, or sick (using the checklist in the Governor's guidance) that you remain at home and participate from home.

Small Groups

Due to the challenges around safe distancing while attending a normal small group meeting, small groups will continue to meet electronically as they have been. Small group information is available on our webste, or in the mobile app. We would encourage you to still get connected in a small group if able, contact the leader for specific information. 


(Series, Learning to Pray for Others, etc.)

We do intend to have Team Rock River, which will be June 7th from 4:00p-6:00p. There are currently no otehr scheduled events until mid-June for Rock River Church. Please check back then or listen for specifics annouced during service. 

Other Information

We recognize that we are not healthcare professionals. If you would like more information, please refer to the resources below. To our knowledge, these resources are being updated regularly. 

Governor's Office Open Texas Guidance

Texas Department of Health and Human Services

Hays County Information for COVID-19

CDC: Situation Summary